Legal Services For Business Transactions And Agreements

When processing business transactions or drafting agreements, businesses need legal services that are efficient and accurate. Without a competent lawyer to handle the drafting or transaction process, businesses can face delays and added expenses.

The Mississauga lawyers at Ball & Berljawsky have assisted business clients with contracts and transactions for over two decades. One of our senior lawyers has years of experience working as a corporate lawyer in a major Toronto law firm. As a result of this experience, we understand the intricacies of business transactions and can provide clients with quality drafting services.

Drafting Agreements For High-Value Transactions

When you need a business agreement drawn up, it is important to ensure it is accurate and that the clauses within the contract will protect your interests. Our business lawyers have drafted agreements for real estate investors, condominium developers, and small business owners.

We have drafted shareholder agreements, contracts for the purchase and sale of a business and incorporation documents. Our long-standing experience drafting business contracts enables us to provide clients with solid agreements that protects their assets and their interests. We also process transactions related to the purchase and sale of a business, incorporation and condominium developments.

Drafting Agreements for Condo Developers

As our practice focuses on real estate law, we not only have the required skills to draft agreements for buyers and sellers, but also for condominium developers. We’ve represented developers for purchases and sales and also draft Agreements of Purchase and Sale on their behalf.

We have set up an infrastructure that allows us to write agreements for new condominium deals quickly and efficiently. We have a full complement of staff, each of whom is dedicated to a particular area of law. These members of our staff work with the firm’s lawyers to verify the accuracy of the newly created document and make sure that all of our clients’ interests are represented within the contract.

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