The Importance Of Accuracy When Reviewing, Negotiating And Drafting Real Estate Agreements

When entering into a transaction that will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is important to ensure that your rights are protected at all times. That’s why it is vital to ensure that a lawyer scrutinizes and advises you about your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

The lawyers at Ball & Berljawsky have over 20 years experience reviewing, negotiating and drafting agreements involving real estate. Based in Mississauga, we provide clients with sound legal advice aimed at protecting their investments and help them make good decisions about their real estate transaction.

Reviewing, Drafting And Negotiating The Agreement

Our lawyers have handled all aspects pertaining to real estate deals for clients since 1994. We can spot weaknesses in the agreement that are disadvantageous to you. We will also make sure to include clauses in the contract that protect your assets and interests, such as a home inspection clause.

We understand that having a strong agreement in place will protect our clients finances and interests beyond the closing date. We have a team of staff behind us that supports our efforts to ensure your agreement is drafted accurately and reviewed thoroughly. We also negotiate between buyer and seller to ensure our client gets the best possible deal. Our priority is to provide you with the highest level of protection for your real estate transaction.

Ensuring Your Lease Contract Protects Your Interests

Without a proper lease review, a tenant or landlord can agree to terms that are harmful to them and could cost them additional time and expense. For tenants, that can include problematic lease terms, such as how much deposit is payable and lease duration. Similarly, if a landlord has written a lease that does not comply with the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act or the Commercial Tenancies Act, he or she may open themselves to a legal complaint in the future.

Our lawyers have reviewed hundreds of leases and can advise clients about their rights and obligations. We can pinpoint which clauses are not in your best interests and negotiate with the landlord or tenant for better terms. We provide you with comprehensive information about your lease and ensure you thoroughly understand the document you are signing. We want you to be comfortable with the lease agreement before it is finalized.

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